An image of gray clouds in a turbulent sky with text which reads: Craftsmanship, Artistry, and Construction.

This photo is an interior sunroom in a recent Design-Build project.While "home" is a shelter from nature’s extremes, it should not keep the flow of natural energy out. We are of nature, not apart from her.

In the true "green" design sense, light, air and flowing energy keep the structure balanced and health supporting. We open a window to bring in the sounds of nature and fresh air. We close a window to keep out the storm. Let the structure breathe in and out through positive, passive ventilation through eaves and roof. Employ efficient clean-burning heating systems that respect the inner and outer world.

Balanced flexible interior spaces allow life to be expressed through the flow of furnishings becoming the flow of personal expression. Your home becomes a reflection of self and nature, nature and self.

Form follows function. Function follows form. Think of the term “living room” where the inhabitants of the space come together to share.

Large spaces invite multipurpose use. Small spaces define intimacy, warmth, closeness, focus. Open spaces support group activities, echoing resonance through big music and art.

Creating flexible living space balances privacy with the familial need to be together.

An elegant free-standing bath tub in a window-filled bath alcove.By holding and releasing, the structure of a house acts like a capacitor in an electrical system. It stores and distributes essential elements as needed: holding and releasing heat; the use of water; sharing the preparation and consumption of food – food for our bodies, food for our lives.

We “live” in our homes mindful of the elements. A balanced home provides fresh air and oxygen via systems for the release of toxins, odors, excess humidity and electromagnetic static. We thrive in the harmonious blend of the green world of plants, both in view and cohabitation.

In truth we never fall far from the tree. Our home life joins the past with the present; displays the artifacts of our ancestors with the symbols of our present – baby pictures, stone and natural materials, books and symbols of knowledge, music in the background or loudly played in celebration. Everything finds its place in the well designed home.

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