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My construction philosophy is client centered and service oriented.

When I visit your home, I listen. Not just to the “job” you ask me to estimate, but also to the home itself. I am listening for the clues in the architecture, its condition, and potentials of the building.

After a review of your “Wish List,” I develop a preliminary design. Then I price the whole project, with breakdowns for specific areas so you can understand the costs.

If you decide to go ahead with all or part of the work, I place special orders, firm up the start date, and organize any permits required with the town. Even if your budget doesn’t allow doing all of the changes the first time around, at least the “grand scheme” has been established. Further specification may be required in the form of elevations, manufacturer product brochures, and time estimates for ordering and installation.

Masterful carpentry is the next step. With more than 30 years in home remodeling, I guide each phase insuring that all structural details are impeccable. On the outside, the work is weather tight as soon as possible; new exterior trim and siding blends seamlessly with existing woodwork. On the inside, framing, insulation, vapor barriers, wall finish, and trim are state-of-the-art. If the project involves various mechanical trades, I coordinate them, insuring quality control and project efficiency. If we run into “unforeseen problems” the additional work is priced and approved before going on.

I committed to making your remodeling project as painless as possible. This means the protection of unaffected, adjacent living areas, the safety of the work site, and everyday clean up. Working inside your home while you are living there does involve accommodation by you and your family. Before starting, we discuss and outline the extent and probable timing of the impact of the work.

Nicholas Borrell Designs provides the highest level of professional service in the design-build industry. This can be a rewarding experience. I can make your dreams come true.

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